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Landim says Flamengo already has a date to decide Renato Gaucho's future and naturally sees criticism from fans.

Landim says Flamengo already has a date to decide Renato Gaucho’s future and naturally sees criticism from fans.

Rodolfo Landim, while attending Sportscenter on Friday, said Renato’s continuity would be discussed after Brazil and highlighted the criticism from fans.

a Continuity of Renato Gaucho in flamingo It is still uncertain. With Contract until the end of the seasonThe bus is not guaranteed for 2022. But according to Rodolfo Landim, to participate in Sports Center This Friday (26th), There is already a date for this to be determined.

palm trees x flamingo, a CONMEBOL Libertadores decision 2021, this Saturday (27), at 5 pm (GMT), it will be broadcast live Act FOX Sports and for ESPN No Star +, straight from Montevideo.

“Of course there, Flamingo is doing long term planning, it is not short term planning. We are really evaluating our entire team, our team, any staffing needs we might have to do, hiring everything is going through continuous analysis. This is not an activity that simply involves a result,” He said.

“But it is a job evaluated as a whole, not just one game. Of course the result is always important, we always look for titles. But the evaluation is always done in general. That is why we will have our first meeting right after the end of Brazilian Championship“, Completed.

Red and black actor still He highlighted the criticism that Renato received from his fans due to the recent results, even talking about the support received on the streets of Montevideo.

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“The fans at the club are very excited and are very impressed, at times, with the results that are happening. We saw the fans very happy with some of the Flamengo results. Then we saw a game where we were ahead against Syndicate, the club that Renato played for most of his career as a coach and player, and we ended up missing out on the chance to score three points. The fan is passionate and wants to win every game and we are all upset including myself as a fan.”

“But we have to understand that we can’t always win in football, there is always a team that wants to win. Grêmio is a very qualified team, and they are in a difficult position in the tournament, they went all-or-nothing and lost 2-0. But, on the Anyway, that’s not the feeling I’m feeling right now.”

“I left the hotel, the city is all red and black, the fans believe in Flamengo’s good performance tomorrow, believing that they can win the title. It’s those mood swings that the fans go through and that’s not what we’re going to rate,” he concluded.