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STJD determines new players will be suspended for tampering

STJD determines new players will be suspended for tampering

The Full Court of the Supreme Court of Justice for Sport (STJD) ruled on Thursday (28) the 12 players accused of fixing Brazilian football results. Punishments are consequences Maximum penalty process, from the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO). (Check the penalties below)

The session began at three in the afternoon and lasted approximately six hours. The defense briefly asked the court to maintain the sentences issued to the athletes, which ranged from 360 to 720 days, and fines ranging from 30 thousand Brazilian reals to 70 thousand Brazilian reals.

The athletes judged at the session are: Diego Porfirio, Bryan Garcia, Nino Paraíba, Vitor Mendes, Dada Belmonte, Thony Anderson, Jesús Trindade, Pedriño, Sidkli, Alf Manga, Igor Karius, and Savio Alves.

Alf Manga’s lawyer, Dr. Levi Monteiro, pointed this out The Curitiba striker admitted his participation in the scheme.

“In addition to being essential, after his confession, he submitted a thousand concrete items to the Prosecutor’s Office to file his appeal. The athlete will bear responsibility before the Prosecutor’s Office and will have to be suspended, even if it takes some time, outside of court.” “It’s a country, but FIFA does it,” he said in his 20-minute explanation.

FIFA has already banned athletes

On September 11, FIFA Released Three Brazilian players suspended To participate in a scheme to fix the results of football matches: Igor Catatao, Mateus Gomez, and Gabriel Tota They were banned from playing professional football by FIFA.

Furthermore, the entity that governs world football has extended worldwide bans for athletes involved in betting scandals in Brazil.

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Players with extended sanctions can still appeal the decision. They could sue the Court of Arbitration for Sport, however, the case is considered strong and the chances of reversal are slim.


See below some excerpts from the players’ defences.

Dr. Andre OliveiraEcuadorian steering wheel lawyer Brian Garcia (former Atlético and current Independiente del Valle)

“Brian, a foreign athlete, was selected through this scheme and in fact submitted that he had received a yellow card, confessed to the MP and agreed not to prosecute, and had in fact paid a large sum of money.” the amount. “The fine is already enough and is accompanied by a severe suspension for one year.”

Dr. Andre Oliveira, Left back lawyer Pedriño (former Atletico and current Shakhtar Donetsk)

“I also put Klebinho (Vera) as one of the coaches, because they are all cut from the same cloth. Klebinho, he had a relationship with the Atletico players. He is a guy who stays there in CT (in Kajou), and he does everything for everyone. The man standing on the edge of the field, “What do you need, are you going to the club? I’ll get you a ticket to the show, and I’ll take your son to school.” “He had contact, yes, with the players, and he attended the CT. And it was very easy to sell these people, as he actually did, and not just Pedrinho. And the most curious thing is, he made a statement to the commission, said that he met Pedrinho, and he went to have coffee near He said he was a little injured, then the game ended, and he might get a yellow card, get the third goal and survive the next game. “I went to the players, and I told them everything was fine.” But Pedrinho knew nothing. “I sold it, I had secret information and I sold the boy,” Klebinho admitted in his testimony. “To confirm Pedrinho’s innocence, but if there is evidence he is guilty.”

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Dr. Levi MonteroThe striker’s lawyer, Alf Manga (Curitiba player loaned to Paphos, Cyprus)

“In the Alef case, in addition to being preliminary, in addition to its admission and presentation of concrete elements for the prosecution to submit its appeal, the defense understands that the voluntary appeal is rejected, and that the first-instance ruling, which was unanimous and fair to the fine case that the Public Prosecution wants to assess, does not provide any evidence that justifies aggravation.” The penalty, and the athlete will be held responsible before the Public Prosecution, will have to be suspended even if it takes some time outside the country, but FIFA does that. The fine and penalty are sufficient. The role of the court is to create mechanisms so that these athletes can be reintegrated into society. Everyone admits to their involvement, and they are remorseful. “I understand that (the fine) must be maintained.”

See how the punishments were imposed on the players

Nino Paraibaathlete Paysandu, increases the suspension to 720 days and increases the fine to R$100,000;

Brian Garciaformer Independiente del Valle and Atletico athlete, the suspension was maintained for 360 days and the fine was increased to R$ 50,000;

Diego Porfirioathlete from Desportivo Aliança-AL; Eliminate football Increasing the fine to 60,000 Brazilian reals;

A thousand mangaAthlete from Curitiba (on loan to Paphos from Cyprus); Maintain the suspension for 360 days and increase the fine from R$30,000 to R$50,000;

Victor MendezAthlete from Atlético MG; 430 days and 40 thousand Brazilian reals in Article 243, absorbing Article 191, III;

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Savio Alves, an athlete whose last club in Brazil was Goiás-GO; The suspension was maintained for 360 days and a fine of R$30,000 was maintained;

Tony Anderson,Athlete ABC-RN; The fine of R$40,000 was maintained;

Dada BelmontAthlete of America-MG; The suspension was maintained for 720 days; The fine was maintained at R$70,000;

Igor Kariusa sports athlete, was suspended for 540 days and the fine was reduced to R$40,000;

Sidkliformer Cuiaba, acquitted;

Jesus the TrinityFormer Curitiba acquitted;

PedriñoThe former Atletico player was acquitted;