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MSI 2022: Who are the opponents of RED Canids |  laughing loudly

MSI 2022: Who are the opponents of RED Canids | laughing loudly

Aegis talking with Griffithhar in the CBLOL Final – Photo: clone/red dogs


RNG Champion for the first stage of the LPL 2022 – Photo: Reproduction / RNG

Dominant across China, RNG is an opponent that no team wants to face. Besides T1, they are the only two teams to have won the MSI Cup twice. In addition, she is the current champion of the tournament, having also won it in 2018. In her country, she won the last three places splits Straight, and this year, she beat Top Esports by 3×2 to win the first stage title of the LPL 2022.

The team has never faced a Brazilian team in its entire history. Its cast includes many famous stars. Among them, China’s Li “Xiaohu” Yuan Hao, the first player in LOL history to win two international competitions playing in different positions. In 2018, he was the MSI . Champion Play in the upper lane. pre-existing 2021, returned to his position and won the championship playing in the middle of the road. Check out the cast for the MSI 2022 dispute:

Royal never gives up

location Noun
summit Chen “Ben” Zi Bin
Fisher man Yan “Wei”, Yang Wei
completely Li “Xiaohu” Yuan Hao
archer Chen Wei “Jala”
supports Shi “Ming” Sen Ming
Technical Zhou “KenZhu” Kai

MSI’s youngest team, PSG Talon only started its activities in 2020, with the creation of PCS. The league was a merger of two other Asian tournaments, the LMS (the tournament that brought together teams from Taiwan and Hong Kong) and the LoL SEA Tour (the tournament of Southeast Asia, which brought together teams from Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and others). The team represents the esports division of French club Paris Saint-Germain. In a short time of existence, the team dominated its territory. After winning the title in four of the last five editions, he will represent the league in the international tournament once again.

At MSI 2021, he reached the semi-finals of the tournament, until he was eliminated by the already champion RNG. In the same edition, he faced paiN Gaming twice and came out winning both matches. From last year until now, there are only two players left in the team who have faced the two Brazilian national teams. They are senior Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang and support Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing. It is worth noting that top scorer Wong “Unified” Chun was in the squad and He cannot travel to the tournament match due to health issues.

Check out the cast for the MSI 2022 dispute:

Paris Saint-Germain Talon

location Noun
summit Su “Hanabi” Chia-Hsiang
Fisher man Lee “Johan” Joo Han
completely Park “Bae” Joon Byung
archer Wong Chun “Standard”
supports Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing
Technical Cheng “Corgi” between the color

Fastpay cats (Turkey)

FastPay Wildcats will represent the first stage champion of TCL 2022 Turkey for the second time in a row from MSI. Although not dominant in the area, he beat rival Galatasaray 3-0 in the final. The Turkish League is the historical rival of BrazilSince they are both smaller regions, they face each other in almost every international competition. Check out the CBLOL vs. TCL retrospective below:

Brazil vs Turkey match back in LOL

public Confrontation championship
2013 paiN Gaming 2×1 Dark Passage International wildcard championship
2015 INTZ 1×0 Beşiktaş Esports International allowance group stage
2015 INTZ 1×3 Beşiktaş Esports International wildcard qualifiers
2016 INTZ 1×0 Super Massive International allowance group stage
2016 INTZ dark corridor 2×0 Wildcard International Group Stage
2016 INTZ 3×2 . Dark Corridor International Wildcard Qualifier
2017 1×1 SuperMassive Red Dogs MSI . Play Phase
2017 First Team 1×3 1907 Fenerbahce playing in the world
2018 KaBuM 1×1 SuperMassive MSI . Play Phase
2019 Flamingo 1 x 2 Royal Youth playing in the world
2020 INTZ 0x1 SuperMassive playing in the world
2021 paiN Gaming 2×0 İstanbul Wild Cats MSI . Play Phase

This is only the second international competition the team will compete in. Her team has remained the same since the last MSI. Among the players, the highlight is top scorer Anıl “HolyPhoenix” Işık, who is currently the best player in Turkey and has been playing professionally since 2012. Check out the MSI 2022 squad: