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"Paquetá positioning…";  Tite picks the 'why' Brazil won and Flamengo fans go crazy

“Paquetá positioning…”; Tite picks the ‘why’ Brazil won and Flamengo fans go crazy


The national team coach remembered the former West Ham and Flamengo player after the victory

Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF - Paquetá resonates with Flamengo fans
Thiago Ribeiro / AGIF – Paquetá resonates with Flamengo fans

After lifting the Copa do Brasil, defeating Corinthians, and Libertadores da América, with a 1-0 win over Atetico, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Flamengo fans paid attention to the club’s backstage. In addition to planning for the next year, as well as his players in the World Cup, such as Everton Ribeiro and Pedro with the Brazilian national team.

In addition to the current Mais Querido players, some of those exposed by the club from Rio de Janeiro became the subject of the match. Vinicius Jr., for example, provided an assist for Richarlison’s second goal, while Paqueta was remembered by Tite after the win as crucial to the score. In the press conference, the coach praised the midfielder’s position.

“In the general context, the victory was convincing, but there are many matches within the game itself. At the beginning our dominance was accelerating, it was not our normal pattern,” revealed the national team coach, who highlighted Brazil’s transition to 2-3-5 with the new positioning. for the midfielder.

“In the second half, he calmed down, had more accuracy in passing and footwork, because the first touch of the ball is essential to give fluidity. With such great volume and precision, even Casemiro strengthened Paquetá’s positioning and the team grew,” Tite continued on social media, the line player posted The center between the Flamengo fans with a back pass and a strong performance.

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