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MPs are demanding a cut in Vai-Vai's public funding after criticizing police officers

MPs are demanding a cut in Vai-Vai's public funding after criticizing police officers

Vai-Vai Pavilion “Rosurviving Hell” Reports Important Police Reports | Image: reproduction

Federal Rep. Captain Augusto (PL-SP) and State Rep. Dani Alonso (PL-SP) sent letters to the Governor of São Paulo, Tarcisio de Freitas (R), and the Mayor of the capital, São Paulo, Ricardo Nunes (MDB). , to suspend the transfer of public funds to Phi Phi Samba School.

The reason is the association's criticism of military police officers, in the parade held last Friday (9). One wing, called “Surviving Hell,” depicts men carrying military police riot shields and batons, as well as wings with devil-like horns. The show was a tribute to hip-hop.

For Bolsonaro's deputies, the school portrayed security personnel in a “deliberately offensive” and “diabolical character.”

“Such a situation not only violates the honor and dignity of professionals who dedicate their lives to protecting society, but also contributes to spreading a negative image of the security forces, at a time when it is more necessary than ever to recognize and support the security forces.” Their work,” the letter says.

Parliamentarians propose banning Vai-Vai from receiving any kind of public resources next year as punishment for the police wing.

“Such action would not only serve as an appropriate punishment, but would also serve as a clear signal that crimes against security institutions and professionals will not be tolerated in our state,” he added.

Augusto and Dani Alonso also request that the standards for granting financial support and sponsorship to cultural entities and events be strengthened, ensuring that they are not in any way linked to criminal activities or that they promote messages of hatred and disrespect against any group or institutions. .

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According to Vai-Vai, the criticized wing paid a “fair tribute” to the album of the same name by the group Racionais MCs, “without the intention of promoting any kind of individual attack or provocation, but rather a wing, like the other wing”. 19 presented by the school which commemorates the movement.”

“It is noteworthy that in this historical period of the 1990s, public security in the state of São Paulo was an important and underlying issue, with very high mortality rates among the black and periphery population,” the school says.

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