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Marcos Vinicius was eliminated from BBB 24 with 84.86% of the votes

Marcos Vinicius was eliminated from BBB 24 with 84.86% of the votes

Marcus, from BBB 24 Reproduction

It's time for another elimination on “BBB 24”! Marcos Vinicius was chosen by the public to leave the most watched house in the country on Tuesday (13), with 84.86% of the vote. The man from Pará says goodbye to the reality show as the eighth is eliminated in a battle against Davy and Isabel who received 12.07% and 3.07%.

Now what matters is the majority who voted to leave, as happened in recent editions. Marcos is the second to leave the house in this way (the first was Juninho). After his passing, the prize increased by R$100,000, bringing its total to R$850,000.

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Marcus lived a journey full of emotions, conflicts and alliances. Help the guy from Barra Lucas win the last boss race. But, when he had the opportunity to save someone from the wall, Buddha did not reciprocate the help of the boy, who received many votes from the house. The capoeirista preferred to benefit Wanessa Camargo.

He spoke without cutting his tongue when he disagreed about something. In the live program on Monday (12), Raccolo, Giovanna and Michele were accused of selling themselves to Fernanda's VIPs.

He also disagreed with the behavior of Yasmin and Wanisa when they wanted to make Devi leave the room where they were sleeping. Moreover, he criticized the brothers who constantly spoke badly about the Bahians at home.

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In the game, team up with Lady Elaine, Denizian, Alan, and Beatrice. The brother had already faced the hot seat in the first pentagon wall in the show's history, and had 20.75% of the audience preferring to stay home.

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