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Gabby Martinez cries after exposing her breasts and speaks out about haters

Gabby Martinez cries after exposing her breasts and speaks out about haters

Gaby Martinez He represents “overcoming” at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. After receiving more than 60,000 messages from haters about her show in her first year at Villa Isabel, she has now faced trouble for exposing her breasts in the street.

The singer had a clothing flaw that resulted in her breasts “popping out” of her bra, something she tried to hide from those arrested, but was unable to manage well. Gabby even said she cried about it when she got to the end of the show.

Gabby Martinez's bikini actually exploded during training: 'My breasts were hanging out'

“It was desperate. My bra went up and showed my breasts. I had a crying fit, but I think the show was amazing.”

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Before the show, Gabe Martinez spoke to Ofoxico The overcoming she needed after being attacked by haters for “not knowing how to dance.”

Gaby Martinez before the show via Villa Isabel – Leo Franco/Agnews

“It is an honor to be in my third year of the carnival with Villa Isabel and what I want most is to improve. So, this year I took a class with one of the teachers and attended a class with Mayara Lima, who is the Queen of Tuyoti, and I increasingly want to leave samba natural and improve from For the community at my school.

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Gaby revealed that she received more than 60,000 letters denouncing her time in Sabukai.

“The first year was very difficult, I had to stay very strong, and a lot of people were cursing me. But I turned that into strength, because I only had one chance, which was to overcome myself and not for the sake of others, but for myself.”