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Meeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology 2022 - Evora, September 12-17.

Meeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology 2022 – Evora, September 12-17.

Conference Meeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology 2022 It is an international event, created in Alentejo (Odemira) in 2018, which this year will feature Fourth edition from 12 to 17 Septemberin Evorain the monastery of São Bento de Castries and at the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation (FEA).

This event brings together working women at the intersection of arts, sciences and technology. During five days they share their experiences through lectures, Workshopsexhibitions and shows.

Since its first edition, this event has achieved great international fame in the field of art, science and technology, attracting academics, artists and scholars from five continents linked to major universities and international research centres, for which they have been twice nominated for a prize Brix Ars Electronica The main international award in this field.

This year, the event will include a plenary session at the Instituto de Medicina Molecular in Lisbon, as part of the LASER events created by Leonardo of MIT Press (for this reason, the session will be broadcast on Internet). This session will be attended by the Director of the IMM (Maria Manuel Motta, Premio Pessoa), the President of Cultivamos Cultura (Marta de Menezes), and the entire Scientific and Technical Committee, Dalila Honorato, Ionian University (Greece), Cathy Hay, Rensselaer Polytechnic (USA), Victoria Vesna, UCLA (USA), Laura Beloff, Aalto University (Finland), Maria Antonia Gonzalez Valerio, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (Mexico), Maria Manuela Lopes, I3S – Institute for Health Innovations and Research (Portugal), Jennifer Willett, University of Windsor (Canada), Joanna Magalhaes, Science for Change (Spain), Ionat Zur, University of Western Australia (Australia) and Annick Buriod, Leonardo/Olats (France).

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The rest of the program will be carried out, as usual, in the Alentejo. It will include an open session at the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation, in Évora, in the presence of Marta de Menezes, Dilla Honorato, José Alberto Ferreira (Artistic Director of the Center for Art and Culture of the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation), José Mateus Gino (President of the Eugenio de Almeida Foundation), Ana Paula Amendueira (Regional Directorate of Culture of the Alentejo) and the above-mentioned committees. An art exhibition in the São Bento de Cástris monastery, also in Évora, as well as a four-day conference that will also take place in S. Bento de Cástris and at the FEA.

Registration closed in April, with 120 participants from 27 countries participating.

Participate in the FEMeeting 2022 event: Cultivamos Cultura – Cultural Association, Regional Directorate of Culture in Alentejo, Foundation Eugenio de Almeida, Instituto de Medicina Molecular João Lobo Antunes, Leonardo (MIT Press).