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Ciência descobre criatura sem ânus que pode ter ligação com aranhas

Science discovers creature without anus that can be attached to spiders

In 2017, when he was fossil From the animal Saccorhytus coronarius, scientists believe it could be one of the oldest common ancestors vertebratesthat is, humans.

At that time, the species was classified as DeuterostomeAny animal that begins with humans. Another animal whose growth begins at the anus is the human.

Researchers at the University of Bristol in partnership with Chang’an University in China have made important discoveries about a rare creature that does not have an anus.

However, a recent survey conducted by University of Bristol, England, Indicates that this microscopic organism actually does not have an anus. In fact, orifice is quite rare.

During the research, scientists tried to determine what this fossil was. And the efforts of scientists were able to come to the conclusion that the animal is an ecdysozoan. However, they cannot explain why this animal does not have an anus. There is a hypothesis that he lost his anus years later has evolved.

evolutionary mystery

In addition, preliminary studies indicated that the animal breathes gills Porous, but in fact, researchers found spines in place at the bottom of the country’s “pores.”

“Saccorhytus would have lived in the sea, with its spines near its mouth and holding it in ocean sediments,” explained Emily Carlisle, a researcher in the Nature Sciences Group working at the University of Bristol in the UK.

In an interview with the BBC, the researcher added: “We assume he was sitting in a strange environment, with many animals that might look like some living things today, but others would be completely alien to us.”

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These animals may be the oldest ancestors arthropods, The group that includes spiders, scorpions and moths. Researchers will continue to research Saccorhytus to understand how it can help understand the world more today.