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Meet Jacques Vanier, from Goiás, who is pumping

When a comedian is betting on regional humor, full of tone and antics, he seeks to awaken in his audience a sense of belonging and belonging. With this kind of content, Jacques Vanier, 29, of Goias has conquered millions of fans in The web. On Instagram, the digital influencer currently has more than 3.6 million followers.

Jack lived in the US at the time the first video went viral online in 2018. However, he is from Peracanjuba (GO).

“I was not Drive-thru From McDonald’s in the US and ordered mashed bread and cheese, they recorded everything and posted them online. The next day, it got over 1 million views. Since then, I started recording a video a week. ” capital Cities.

This video has appeared as a milestone for an upcoming long path. From that moment on, Jack noticed the opportunity to grow in the digital milieu and began to face more discipline of what was supposed to be just a homesick killing hobby. It was born up to the motto, which is Vanier’s trademark: “I am Bao e Aussie”.

“I always scored on weekends when I wasn’t working. What I missed the most while I was there was family and Brazilian food. I have lived in the US twice, once to study for a year and a half and then to work for about 3 years,” he explains.

After this experience, he was able to fulfill many dreams. “I spent my whole life in Goiás, I had never seen the sea before. After I had the opportunity to travel, no one was safe. If I were to go to Caldas Novas, then I am really” straight ” [pronto] too much”, It was said in one of his YouTube videos, Your channel has more than 520,000 subscribers.

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A little celebrity pay off

The Goianu videos fell in favor of the popular country singer. For example, Gusttavo Lima gave Jack a lot of audience early in his career when he republished a parody of the nickname Carinhoso. Since then, the two have approached and Jack has been, even, next to the singer on stage.

The former BBB Rodolffo, of the duo of Israel and Rodolffo, is a constant presence for some Posts Jack. Early in his career Effect, The singer gave that power by sharing the comedian’s videos and even starring in one of them.

In addition to these other well-known names in the Sertanega scene, such as Marilia Mendonca, Thiago Brava, Felipe Araujo, Eduardo Costa and the duo Joao Neto and Frederico, they were already present in Jack’s networks.

Speaking of sertanejo, Jacques, like most Goias, does not give up “good fashion”.

“I love countrymen so much, from roots to university. You can’t miss it in my country Playlist Leonardo, Ze di Camargo, Luciano, Jorge, Matthews, Gustavo Lima and Paris da Pesadena, “she says.

Back to Brazil

In 2018, when he started getting popular online with his videos mixing English with “Goianês,” Jacques Vanier came to Brazil to visit his home state and experience fame up close.

The comedian was warmly received by the audience in Goiás and had to divide his stay between killing longing for his family and sweetheart Goias with interviews for TV and local newspapers.

“I am very humble and never stop thinking about everything that happened. I think I realized that I had a great success on the Internet when the artists I admired began to follow me and share my videos. My family is very simple and they interact in the best way possible, and support me.” Not that they understand much about the Internet.


Few followers know it, but besides it being a comedian and Digital influencerJack has a degree in civil engineering and he came to work in the area. However, at the moment, he left the profession to devote himself to working on social networks.

“Since last year, I decided to head straight to this internet ‘train’, and I put my career aside. We never know tomorrow.”

Jack, who has been confirmed in the media, decided to return permanently to Brazil last year. Every now and then, the Brazilian travels to the North American nation for personal and professional commitments. Trips are always short, with stays of less than one month.

“I came to Brazil to do pause shows just before the epidemic started. A month later, the quarantine came and we had to cancel everything. I decided to stay in Brazil at that time and I’ve been here since. I saw that this is where I am and I don’t think I can go back to it.” To live in the United States, at least for the time being. It was very “good” to go back to Goias and get to know you, I never imagined this would happen, “concludes the young man.

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