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80 Years of Bob Dylan: Facts and Information from One of the Century's Greatest Artists - Entertainment

Bob Dylan celebrates 80 years: Facts and info about the artist – Entertainment

80 years ago, the world won one of its greatest and most important artists: Bob Dylan. Born Robert Allen Zimmerman on May 24, 1941 in Duluth, Minnesota, United States, he is one of the most expressive singers, songwriters, writers and poets of his generation, as well as a career spanning over 50 years.

With over 30 albums and awards that together should occupy the full space of one of his mansions, Bob Dylan is known as the first and only artist to have won a Nobel, an Oscar, a Grammy, a Golden Globe and a Pulitzer. Even if you’ve never heard of cantute or even heard it, but don’t know it very much, you need to get acquainted with what a great artist is.

But what is it about this mysterious and eccentric number that makes it so important in the history of world music? This is what we will find out in the text below. We’ve detailed some amazing facts about Bob Dylan’s life and work.

A career of success
Bob Dylan’s albums are distinguished by cultural diversity and musical quality. This is a fact recognized by many entities and personalities. Although he never managed to reach #1 on the US and UK main charts, the singer has a wide range of singles that became hits and made an era.

With over 65 albums released, both in studio and live recordings, Bob Dylan’s songs are enviable, boasting nearly 30 gold records, 20 platinum records and a list of singles any musician would want to have. Era-making songs like “Blowin’ in the Wind” https://entertainment.r7.com/, “The Times They Are a-Changin” https://entertainment.r7.com/, “Like a Rolling Stone” https://entertainment.r7.com/, “Hurricane” https://entertainment.r7.com/, “Man Gave Names to All the Animals” and “Jokerman” are just a few examples that can be cited.

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Artistic effect of different artists
Not many people know, but Bob Dylan’s relationship with successful bands and artists has been very popular. For starters, The Rolling Stones are named after Dylan’s song “Like a Rolling Stone.” Another curiosity about the artist is that he is called by many as the fifth element of the Beatles. This is because he and the members of the most famous band in the world were very close, and although they were never announced, it is known that many meetings between Dylan and John Lennon took place inside the recording studios.

What few Brazilians know is that one of the most important artists in Brazilian folk music, Belchior, an open fan of Dylan, has drawn inspiration from his work several times to compose his songs. The Brazilian artist even got acquainted with the American musician by Gilberto Gil, in 1990, who announced it to the idol as follows: “Dylan, this is Belchior, the Brazilian Bob Dylan.”

Historical Show
Bob Dylan was born to a Jewish family that emigrated from Odessa (now Ukraine) to the United States due to an anti-Semitic pogrom, in 1905. In 1978, Dylan performed in Nuremberg, Germany, more specifically at Zeppelinfeld, a place that was the stage of many speeches The flamboyant Adolf Hitler.

However, Dylan took a stand and demanded that the stage in which he would perform be set exactly where, in the 1930s and 1940s, the Nazi dictator used to speak to the public. The result: Over 80,000 people watched the Bob Dylan show with their backs turned to Hitler’s old podium.

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Bob Dylan Eo…rap?
Let’s face it: Bob Dylan has built his image around many aspects and through his versatile talent for diverse artistic expressions. The most famous of them are painting, literature and music in particular. At first, the star made his name in music, with poetic and inspirational songs and melodies that sounded like they were from another planet.

Many fans and audience are used to seeing Bob Dylan associated with the image of a folk singer or rock ‘n’ roll singer, but, contrary to what many imagine, the musician is not only a fan of hip-hop, but also considered by some rappers as the author of one of the first songs of this genre.

That’s right: In 1965, Dylan released “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” a song very closely related to the country universe, but that, in a way, also has active lyrics like rap lyrics.

So, have you been interested in learning more about this iconic artist of an entire generation? enjoy it US coupon And buy a copy of his autobiography to dig deeper into his life and work.