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Suffering from lasting consequences of aggression, Henry Castelli reveals new experience

Suffering from lasting consequences of aggression, Henry Castelli reveals new experience

Nearly three years after Henry Castelli was attacked in a restaurant in Barra de São Miguel, Alagoas, a new expert has confirmed that the actor has been permanently injured. The document was released on Wednesday (first) by UOL, and is part of the case brought by Castelli against businessmen Guilherme Accioli and Bernardo Malta.

According to the report of expert Basilio de Almeida Milani, the artist suffers from a loss of skin sensitivity known as paresthesias. The condition is located on the right side of the face, between the mouth and the chin, where the blow occurred. “Paresthesias, as they have been present for nearly three years, must be permanent and there is currently no treatment that can be indicated that has a definitely positive prognosis.”Professional explained.

Henry shows his followers his injuries (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

According to Milani, the actor’s jaws are not exactly the same, but the difference is acceptable. “It is not an asymmetry that is abnormal or obvious enough to be described as a deformity.”, pointing to. However, he stressed that it was not possible to make a definitive assessment, as there were no tests on Henry before the trauma. “Unfortunately, expertise is unable to evaluate whether a plaintiff, using scientific rigor [Castelli] After treatment, the jaw shape returned exactly as it was before.he announced.

The actor stated that he feels a constant feeling of deformity and continues to feel pain in the jaw area, especially on days when the temperature drops. As a result, he often hides part of his face with his hands.

Henry Castelli was seriously injured by the aggression. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Alagoas Civil Police charged businessmen Guilherme Accioli and Bernardo Malta with assault in January 2021. But the case has not yet been tried. Accioly’s defense accuses Castelli of causing the problem because he was one “Changed and imbued with unnecessary courage”.

The reason for the fight will be professional issues. The lawyer says the actor left for Malta “Getting satisfaction and experiencing it through physical contact.”. Guilherme, in turn, stated that he received a punch in the face from the artist when he tried to separate the two, and, “By nature” The hit came back. Accioli also described Castelli’s account as “bizarre” and that he “upends the whole situation.” Remember the entire case by clicking here.

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