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Matt Coxis sends a message to Curksinen that Brussels is wrong

The debate over vaccine purchases in the European Union is still ongoing. After Prime Minister Victor Orban said on Friday that setting up a centralized body was a bad decision, Democratic Alliance (DK) EU Representative Ms Kyurksani criticized her words on a routine basis because individual member states could be quickly vaccinated. In response to the above, Matt Cossis, head of the Fitzgerald unit, pointed out on the social front that Brussels was the only reason for the lack of adequate vaccines in Europe.

Hungarian people can be vaccinated many times over, but not many can be vaccinated due to lack of adequate vaccines – Announced In his regular Friday radio interview with Victor Orban. The Prime Minister has also mentioned that Countries that do not order a vaccine in a timely manner and do not take action in a timely manner are in a worse position than Hungary.

In his view, the main problem is that the purchase of vaccines has been handed over to Brussels from pharmaceutical companies in Western countries. He noted that this was a bad decision because every country should be told that it administers vaccines.

Democratic Alliance (DK) MEP Member M.S. Kyurksani attacked the head of government in a statement sent to the MDI on Friday.

Matt Cossis, head of the Fidesz faction, responded to the allegations of a left-wing politician on the social side, WrittenThat

I send a message to Kyrgyzstan that Brussels is the only reason why there are not enough vaccines in Europe. If the member states had bought the vaccines themselves, they could have been as safe and secure as Britain or Israel!

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