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They managed to deceive Dance – the NGO ship carrying the migrants negotiated a lot of money

Further details have emerged from the prosecutor’s investigation into the NGO Mediterranean Storage Men (MSH), which on Saturday claimed that voluntary charities were celebrating the agreed price of welcoming immigrants through champagne, according to intelligence reports released by Giornale on Saturday.

The Sicilian prosecutor’s office in Ragusa announced on March 1 that it had launched an investigation into members of the Mediterranean, with significant financial benefits following claims that it had obtained evidence of the acquisition of a group of 27 migrants from the voluntary charity Mare Jonio’s Danish cargo ship Mersk Etienne. “

On August 5 last year, Mersk Etienne took the migrants into the Mediterranean. Immigrants do not have mooring permits on the island of Malta. Thirty-seven days later, members of the Mediterranean arrived aboard a Danish cargo ship and transferred 27 people to their own ship, including a small child and a pregnant woman.

The civilian ship arrived on the southern Italian coast on September 12 with the settlers.

According to a telephone wiretapping text now published in the press, negotiations between the Danish ship’s Mediterranean and the Danish company Marks Tankers lasted several weeks: the Italian organization initially asked for 270,000 euros to acquire the immigrants, and finally 125,000 euros.

Well-known Green Party politician Pepe Cassia, head of the Mediterranean Mission, discussed the amount in Copenhagen in early October, which was transferred to Mediterranean accounts in late November. Luca Casarini, another volunteer leader, commented on the arrival of this amount, calling on members of the voluntary organization to sprinkle champagne on the phone. Pepe Cassia voiced that they were able to “cheat” Dance.

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Illegal immigrants who want to come to Europe come to the port of Lampedusa in Sicily.Source: MTI / EPA / ANSA / –

The civilian ship lied to authorities that it had fueled the Mediterranean Mersk Etienne in order to capture the crew from a Danish cargo ship. The condition with more immigrants was justified by the voluntary organization, one of the women is pregnant and must reach the shore immediately. It was later revealed that the woman who was taken to the hospital did not need medical treatment.

Ragusa’s lawyer, Fabio de Anna, ordered an investigation in early March against four people, including those who supported illegal immigration and violated international standards for maritime rescue.
Authorities previously conducted house searches at the homes of individuals involved in the investigation and the Mediterranean offices.

As with the arrival of all immigration groups, the Office of the Competent Regional Attorney opened a former official inquiry to clarify the circumstances of the immigrant’s arrival. Immigrants reported being transferred from one ship to another. The government wanted to clarify the relationship between the Danish cargo operator and the Mediterranean, thus revealing that a “business transaction” had taken place between the two sides.

The Mediterranean Storage Men, the first Italian voluntary charity to have humans in the Mediterranean, began its work in the fall of 2018. Bologna-based voluntary charity works with Murray Jonio and Alex Ships.