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There are 7,540 Govt-19 cases in the United Kingdom in 24 hours, from February 10/06/2021

Biden says COP26 should be the starting point for climate warfare – 11/01/2021

Glasgow (UK), November 1 (EFE) .- US President Joe Biden on Monday called for the 26th United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow, UK. .

“This is a decade that will determine the next generation. Agreement, controls global warming.

Biden pointed out that climate change is “not imaginary,” but that it is affecting the lives of many every day, citing recent uncontrollable fires, floods and droughts in the United States.

“If we do not take advantage of this moment, none of us can escape the worst that is to come,” the US president said in a speech at the start of COP26.

Throughout the conference, Biden announced that the United States would launch new initiatives, which coincide with those announced in recent months, in the fight against agriculture, fossil fuels and deforestation.

According to the US President, the recent rise in energy prices underscores the need to focus on the development of renewables.

In addition, Biden wanted to present the search for a green economy as an “incredible opportunity,” which he described as “a moral compulsion, but not an economic compulsion,” thanks to the creation of new jobs in various fields.

The US President has called on other rich countries to provide financial assistance to low-income countries.

“Those responsible for the deforestation have enormous responsibility for them. There is no more time for setbacks or fighting within us,” he assured. EFE

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