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Marilyn Matos sues Xuxa for defamation

Marilyn Matos has worked for years with Xuxa (Credit: Reproduction / Instagram)

Xuxa He is being sued by Marilyn Matos for defamation. The director went to DP 42 in Rio de Janeiro to go to court, according to the presenter, who, in an interview with Veja in January 2021, stated that she had been “stolen, deceived, used and manipulated” not only by Marilyn, but by other professionals as well.

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An excerpt from the interview is described at this point, as the prosecutor’s crime remains evident. The interviewer asks the following question. “Before taking control of your career and business, did you take so many hits?” I reply, ‘See, I can be two or three times richer. I was everything people imagined: cheated, used, manipulated, plagiarized. When I talk about it, Marilyn’s photo pops up instantly, but it just wasn’t. I insist on saying that I trust a lot in all those close to me. I ran into the choreographer, makeup artist, and photographer. I say without shame that I am innocent, ridiculous, really stupid, ”the document says.

Quem magazine contacted Xuxa’s press office, but he said he had not commented on the artist’s legal notes. In a live broadcast with Louis Erlanger, the broadcaster said she is a Marilyn doll. “I was a puppet, but because I wanted to, because I left. I kept leaving my life in her hands more and more. My private, personal and professional life. Things came together and everything was in her hand. She was a manager, a manager, a businesswoman … There was a moment, as everyone knows, that My interest was working with a children’s program and you no longer believed in it. We stopped working together. I went to Xuxa in the fantasy world, I did XSPB. On the one hand, Marilyn always defended the presenter at various times, even when she was in a quarrel with her.

“This story that sexually made children non-existent. She acted like a girl, too. Innocently, talk to children as equals and love him. So much so that you see the generation that grew up with her so well, happy and idolized to this day,” Marilyn revealed on another occasion.

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