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Anitta sempre chama atenção com seus sucessos musicais (Foto: Instagram)

Anita calls her fans and surprises them

Last Friday (16) singer Anita surprised her fans by making a phone call to some of them. In her Instagram stories, the artist posted some videos while calling, and the moment in question caught the strong attention of the audience.

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Anita, who is currently in Miami, United States, recorded the moment of her calls inside her car. The artist pretended to one of her fans to be a collecting agent for one of her fan clubs. Everything was recorded and shared on your social networks.

At the time, the singer charged her followers a monthly fee of $15 a month to help produce her videos: “I came to charge Anita’s fan club fee, which she didn’t pay this year. Love, that’s Anita,” she said, laughing at the situation. To thank you,” he revealed.

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The singer even tried to contact other fans who did not answer the call. On Thursday (15) she released DJ Renan da Beneath a funk song together. The two artists’ productions have already garnered thousands of views on the video platform. Anitta has also shared videos of her followers dancing on her new act.

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