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Lula resumes his attacks on “citizen” Campos Neto

Lula resumes his attacks on “citizen” Campos Neto

After falling at the polls, President Lula (PT) once again attacked the head of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto, over the base interest rate, which stands at 11.25% per annum.

In an interview with SBTthe Workers' Party member once again called the head of the monetary authority “this citizen” and stated that Campos Neto “contributes to delaying economic growth.”

“This citizen, when he leaves the central bank, will have to measure what he has done for this country. Because what he is doing now, in fact, contributes to delaying the economic growth of this country.”“Lola said.

“What it contributes to is making Brazilian people spend more time waiting for a job opportunity, to earn a little more salary. This has no explanation.”he added.


Lula believes that the only explanation for keeping the base interest rate at 11.25% annually is: “Stubbornness” By Campos Neto.

“There is no explanation [para] Selic interest rates 11.25% [ao ano]. There is no economic explanation. There is no inflationary explanation. There is only the stubbornness of the head of the central bank to maintain this interest rate.”He mentioned.

Squid fall

He points out that Lula's rejection rate rose nine points within six months in the capital, São Paulo Datafolha search Released this Tuesday 12. Approval decreased 7 points. Today, the management of Workers' Party members is considered excellent or good by 38% of São Paulo residents, while another 28% rate it as average, and 34% as bad. Only 1% did not know how to answer.

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In the last poll conducted by the institute, in August 2023, Lula's administration received the approval of 45% of voters in the capital, São Paulo. At the time, his government was considered systemic by 29% of São Paulo's population, while 25% considered it bad or terrible.