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Luciano Szafir showed improvement in Covid-19 and was removed from mechanical ventilation - Zoeira

Luciano Szafir showed improvement in Covid-19 and was removed from mechanical ventilation – Zoeira

the actor Luciano Ambassador, 52, feet “Evolutionary optimization” Covid-19 this Saturday (10) and has been removed from mechanical ventilation. He remains hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Cuba Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, but is in stable condition.

According to the ambassador’s office, he was a businessman and broadcaster tubeless He is now receiving only oxygen supplements. However, there are still no expectations for a rise.

Luciano Xavier, who has been in hospital since June 22, is undergoing abdominal surgery on Wednesday afternoon (7) to remove a hematoma and part of his colon, after complications from COVID-19. On the same day, he was transferred to Copa Star and admitted to the intensive care unit.

Diagnosis before vaccination

According to Luciano Xavier’s wife, Luhana Svir, he could have noticed signs of contamination by Covid on June 14. The actor, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, could be vaccinated on the 15th, when the 52-year-old group was included in the state.

This is the second time that the ambassador has catch covid. The first infection occurred in 2020. However, at that time, he did not need to be hospitalized.

Xuxa talking

Xuxa Meneghel commented publicly for the first time on Hospitalization of the ex-husband This Friday (9) posted on Instagram. She criticized the delay in vaccination.

“It took a long time to get vaccinated. Lu is 52 and he would have already been (double) vaccinated if our government had not been so worried about earning the US dollar [R$ 5,26] About the vaccine and saying no to Pfizer and others,” the presenter complained, referring to the facts being investigated in the CPI of Covid.

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And the announcer continued the statement, saying: “I just wanted to thank the prayer for him, but I cannot,” “I am angry and I really wish the doctor [João] Pantoga and his team bring us great news. Zuksa said, “Please pray for him and for everyone who didn’t need to go through this.”

The former couple’s daughter, 22-year-old Sasha Mengele, also spoke on social media. On her honeymoon, after marrying singer Joao Figueiredo, she was in the United States, but Returned to Brazil To be close to the family.