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Tik Tok or YouTube?  Discover the most addictive app

Tik Tok or YouTube? Discover the most addictive app

App analytics company App Annie, which constantly reviews the most popular apps, has revealed that building new social behaviors during the pandemic is deepening. In its latest release, the report stated that Americans who use Android spend more time on TikTok than they do on YouTube.

According to the report, short videos are starting to arouse more interest from netizens in the social world.

TikTok has surpassed YouTube in the average time spent per user in the US and UK. In May this year, the average user spent 24.5 hours per month on TikTok in the US, while he spent 22 hours on YouTube. The data shows that the gap is widening.

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The numbers are higher in the UK, where Britons spend 26 hours on the ByteDance platform, compared to 16 hours per month on YouTube. On Android devices, the numbers are even more so, with the average American user spending 50% more time on TikTok than they did in December 2019. And in the UK, the growth was 80%.

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However, the rule does not extend to East Asian countries. In South Korea and Japan, for example, YouTube remains 2.5 times ahead of TikTok in average time spent in 2021. In South Korea, the number corresponds to a 15% increase from December 2019.

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