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Londrina begins the flu vaccination on Saturday.  Learn how to schedule

Londrina begins the flu vaccination on Saturday. Learn how to schedule

Photo: Vivian Honorato/Incom

From Saturday (2) the Municipal Health Department (SMS) in Londrina will start the national influenza vaccination campaign. Older people over the age of 60 will be the first to receive a dose against the influenza virus. They will be vaccinated from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., at the North District Immunization Center (CCI Norte), located in Rua Luís Brugin, 570, on the corner with Avenida Saul Elkind.

To receive the vaccine, simply access the City Hall website (click hereLondrina and fill in your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (CPF). No pre-registration required, just schedule a dose application time on Saturday.

According to official data from the Ministry of Health, the capacity of CCI Norte is to vaccinate up to 7,000 people per day. In Londrina, 102,577 seniors age 60 or older are eligible to receive the flu vaccine.

In addition to these people, elderly people who are bedridden or in long-stay institutions (ILPIs) will be vaccinated directly at home, without the need for an appointment. This is because health professionals will seize the opportunity to apply, at the same time, the fourth dose against COVID-19, to those aged 80 and over. Only those under 80 will get the flu shot. Unlike the previous campaign, in this campaign it will not be necessary to wait for the time interval between the application of the influenza vaccine and covid-19.

Vaccine at UBS

In addition to the vaccination on Saturday at CCI Norte and at home, from Monday (4), vaccinations will be decentralized in all Basic Health Care Units (UBS). With this, it will also open the vaccination of health professionals. They and the elderly should look for reference health units, preferably closer to their housing.

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To further facilitate and speed up access to vaccination, large hospitals and medical clinics are free to apply flu shots to health care workers, such as doctors, nurses, and others.

What’s new this year for health workers is that they must also receive their first dose of the measles vaccine, so everyone will need to have a vaccination card on hand. The municipality has 22,252 health workers who need to be immunized.

Photo: Gustavo Takaki/Nkom

According to the Minister of Health, Felipe Machado, so far, the Ministry of Health has already distributed 26,000 doses of influenza vaccine to Londrina and should continue to receive new doses throughout the national campaign, which will run from 4 to 3 April. June 2022.

The current trivalent vaccine protects against the three types of viral strains circulating in Brazil. They are: H3N2 Darwin (the cause of the January epidemic). H1N1 (the most famous of them) and Victoria B. Produced by Putantan Institute.

For the minister, vaccinations are responsible for controlling the influenza epidemic and limiting the novel coronavirus pandemic, so residents of priority groups should strive for immunization. “We had a clear example of the efficiency and importance of vaccines, especially against Covid-19, when we had large numbers of vaccines and, therefore, a low circulation of the virus. And influenza is no different. It is very important that people, who belong to groups, seek Priority, to the health service to be vaccinated.

the target audience

In Londrina, more than 221,000 people are in one of the priority groups and must be vaccinated against influenza. Among them are the elderly (102,577 people); health workers (252 22); Children aged 6 months to 4 years (30.910); tripods (4812); postpartum women (791); teachers (9847); persons with comorbidities (20384); Persons with disabilities (16764), population deprived of liberty, and adolescents with socio-educational measures (3319).

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The second group to be vaccinated after the elderly and health professionals are children aged 6 months to less than 5 years (4 years, 11 months and 29 days). They should receive the vaccine from April 30, when the federal government is required to hold a “Day D of the flu vaccination” across the national territory. In the case of exclusively children, it will be necessary to wait 15 days between influenza and covid-19 vaccination. In other age groups, vaccines may be given concurrently.