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“Life is the most precious gift”

“Life is the most precious gift”

Thanksgiving is celebrated on November 23, especially in the United States, a date that marks an event that occurred in 1621. In the year in question, English colonists shared a meal in a friendly manner with the indigenous people of the country. Today, this date celebrates the blessings each family has received.

On your Instagram profile, Model Gisele BündchenShe, who has more than 22 million followers on the digital platform, shared a Thanksgiving text. He talked about the value of life.

A message from Gisele Bündchen on Thanksgiving

“Every day we have a new opportunity to improve ourselves, learn new things, love, and choose to look at life with gratitude. This is the beauty of being alive! Life is the most precious gift. Make sure you enjoy every moment with your family, friends and everyone around you. Life is so much better Because we have people who enjoy it

I am so grateful for everyone who is a part of my life and for all the moments we share. Thank you to everyone here who takes the time to send a positive message or just a heart emoji. I hope everyone has a wonderful, love-filled Thanksgiving.

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