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Lesian invests $80,000 in cryptocurrency, and the company declares bankruptcy

Lesian Gutierrez revealed that she invested $80,000 in cryptocurrencies and said she discovered overnight that the group that handled these cash transactions was about to declare bankruptcy. “I am terrified because it is so dirty for a bank to do this. I feel like a victim of a coup because they will go bankrupt and leave many empty handed,” said the former farmer at A Fazenda 13.

Cryptocurrency lender Celsius Network filed for bankruptcy in a US court on Wednesday (13/7) and Lesian claims to be part of a list of investors in that group. “It’s $80,000! Is the math to figure out the value in ris, people? It’s a lot of money! I think they will not pay anyone. But they won’t get all that money to pay off. I’m desperate, said the model.

The company said it had between $1 billion and $10 billion in assets, with an equivalent amount in estimated liabilities, according to the bankruptcy filing. According to the Money Times, last month, cryptocurrency exchange FTX sought a deal with lender Celcius, but backed down after discovering a $2 billion hole in the company’s balance sheet.

“I have already called my lawyer and my ex-husband, who is my partner, to see what can be done, but I am hopeless. Research and study well before undertaking these adventures. I think I will be very tight on this,” continued the famous.

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