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Where is Anna Paula Arrosio?  The actress is 47 years old

Where is Anna Paula Arrosio? The actress is 47 years old

Country actress and producer Anna Paula Arrosio He is now 47 years old, and the last 12 of them are practically prisoners – of their own volition, of course, After breaking the contract with TV Globo. In 2020, she appeared even on the network, but in a commercial.

Out of the spotlight, contacting the press and especially television, with rare exceptions in interviews, The actress left her consolidated career to live in places in Brazil and England.

Away from TV series since 2008 when she starred in “Ciranda de Pedra” (TV Globo), as Laura, Ana Paula was still in the mini-series “Na Forma da Lei” in 2010, which also starred Marcio Garcia. Luana Beovani.

For the record, “Ciranda de Pedra” wasn’t supposed to be her last TV series on Globo, as the actress was the big star in “Insensato Coração”, written by Gilberto Braga (1945-2021) with Ricardo Linhares, which premiered in 2011 she was booked into the cast a year ago, but did not attend the photoshoot. His withdrawal caused an uproar with Braga.

“This is a topic I don’t like. [Ana Paula Arósio] It was unprofessional. What I can say is that I am very happy with the cast of Paola, ”said the writer of “Isto É Gente”. Paola Oliveira replaced Ana Paola Arrosio in the series. At that time, through her press office, Ana Paola said who – who Exiting the telenovela was a “personal decision, in a certain order”.

Ana Paula Arrosio played Isabel Takis Redon in “Os Ossos do Barão” on SBT (1997), a broadcaster who worked before the Globo

Photo: Disclosure/SBT

Where is the actress?

After termination of the contract with Globo, Ana Paula Arrosio went to live on a farm in Santa Rita do Bassa Cuatro, in the interior of São Paulo. There, she married architect and jockey Henrique Blombo Pinheiro on her 35th birthday, in a ceremony dedicated to family members, Caras magazine reported.

The CNPJ (National Register of Legal Entities) reported that it is a rural producer, the main activity of which is the cultivation of sugar cane, in addition to the raising of horses, goats and pigs. The property is named Sítio São Carlos and CNPJ after the actress, which opened in 2008 Active, as verified splash Consultation on the website of the tax authority.

1 - clone - clone

Anna Paula Arrosio in the movie “The Forest That Moves”

Photo: reproduction

However, Arósio remained in the interior of the SP until In late 2013, when she moved with her husband to the Swindon Countryside, England. Arosio told “Quem” in Rio Festival 2015.

She was in Brazil to promote the launch Movie “A Floresta Que Se Move”, by Vinicius Coimbra, where she plays the powerful Clara, in the feature which is a contemporary adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”. This was his first major job since leaving Globo.

1 - Manuela Scarpa / Photo Rio News - Manuela Scarpa / Photo Rio News

October 27, 2015 – Ana Paula Arrosio smiled when she presented her latest work, “A Floresta que se Move”, one of the actress’s last public appearances.

Photo: Manuela Scarpa / Photo Rio News

Anna Paula was in England with her husband when she was invited to star in the film, But the first conversations with the director took place in Scotland, where the scenes were also shot. “It was important for us to have this time to talk, to laugh a little bit in front of The Quarry,” the actress told “Fantástico” (TV Globo) in 2014. “She’s an almost indisputable character. A privilege to do that.”

That was with “The Forest That Moves” Ana Paula Arrosio reappeared in Globo’s cast, when the film was shown on Open TV a year ago. Currently, the 2015 feature is available on flow Brazilian Locke.

Off the big screen and dedicating herself to raising horses with her husband, Accompanied Ana Paula Henrique at the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015. The athlete won the silver medal for Brazil in the equestrian team event.

1 - reproduction / disclosure - reproduction / disclosure

Ana Paula Arrosio poses next to her husband Henrique Plumpon Pinheiro, 2015 PAN Medalist in Toronto for Brazil

Photo: reproduction / publicity

“Henrique’s performance has been great. Now I can breathe, we have great confidence, they trained like hell, but cross country can always [gerar] Some surprises. But, thank God, it all worked out. All you have to do now, Arosio said, is to reset the time.” UOLstill panting after the test.

He added with a quick laugh, “The best way for me to help him here in this frying pan is to not piss him off. Leave him calm.” In turn, Henrik said she didn’t get in her way: “Heh [Ana Paula Arósio] Never fill the bag. It’s just a matter of keeping the focus on the competition. Family is always very welcome.”


Almost two years ago, in August 2020, The actress returned to prime-time television for a commercial that aired during the Jornal Nacional break, on TV Globo.. In the play, she jokes about the soap opera’s “disappearance” and says she’s going back to her “vacation at Shangri-La”.

The ad was from Banco Santander and had, in addition to Arósio, actors Samatha Schmutz and Robson Nunes. They present Arósio as “disappeared” and “xodó do Brasil”.

1 - clone / globe - clone / globe

Ana Paula Arrosio stars in a TV commercial

Photo: Reproduction / Globo

“Hey guys, I’m back,” he began before introducing the products. She concluded, “Okay, I’m going now because I’m out of civilization. I’m going back to my Shangri-La vacation.” The ad, which is approximately one minute long, shows the actress on screen for more than 30 seconds.

This year, she again appeared in theaters in the unreleased movie “Primavera”, taped in 2005 and features an unreleased performance by Ana Paula and Ruth de Souza, who died in 2019.

Regardless of the rare appearances she makes in interviews or accompanied by her husband, Ana Paula Arrosio continues in her own reclusive world, even before we hear much about that word with the pandemic. She has no social media profiles, so no current photos.

Today, she should celebrate her birthday in peace wherever she is. If you see this text (you never know it), it will be on record: Happy Birthday!

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