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Learn how to access FGTS Digital now

Learn how to access FGTS Digital now

The new platform FGTS DigitalLaunched by the federal government at the beginning of March, the Federal Reserve is reshaping the way employers approach collecting taxes from their employees. This system not only simplifies legacy processes, but also introduces new features, such as the option to pay via Pix and replace PIS with CPF as the main identifier.

Understanding Digital FGTS

Basically, FGTS Digital is an online tool designed to make life easier for employers when it comes to collecting taxes from employees. As Labor Minister Luiz Marinho explained, the platform promises significant time savings, up to 36 hours per month.

Access to the platform is available via the Department of Labour's website and requires a Gov.br account with a Silver or Gold level trust stamp.

Advantages offered

Among the benefits highlighted are the following:

  • Streamlining the issuance and customization of evidence;
  • Accelerating the process of transferring the collected amounts to workers’ accounts;
  • Automatic calculation of FGTS fines, based on electronic social history;
  • Ease of payment of overdue FGTS, allowing payment for several months in one tab;
  • A tool for adjusting salaries and paying compensation.
  • Instant payment option via Pix.

How to access and use

To use FGTS Digital on your computer, follow these steps:

  • Visiting site fgtsdigital.sistema.gov.br Select “Enter using Gov.br”;
  • Enter your CPF number and password, then click “Enter”;
  • Choose your access profile, fill in the CPF or CNPJ as necessary;
  • After selecting your profile, you will have access to the site's features.

Explore the platform's functionality

The platform is divided into several sections, including:

  • Directory management: To create or refer to payment guides.
  • Bonuses for termination purposes: View employee salary history.
  • Employer inquiries: Verify information about recalls and evidence.
  • Reversal, reversal, reversal: Consultation and refund request.
  • Employer data: The user's personal information in the system.
  • Message center: All messages received here.
  • Agencies: Login to the electronic power of attorney system.
  • News, evidence and questions: To get updates, informative articles and query resolution.
  • Service channels: Electronic service form via WhatsApp.
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Now that you know about the FGTS digital platform and how it can facilitate employee tax collection, how about we start exploring its features?