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Lapsus $ hackers arrested in UK - 3/24/2022

Lapsus $ hackers arrested in UK – 3/24/2022

British police on Thursday arrested seven people allegedly linked to the Lapsus $ hacking group aimed at attacking big companies such as Okta and Microsoft.

The 16- and 21-year-old prisoners have been released but are still under investigation.

Detective Michael O’Sullivan responded to a question about the Lapsus $ group, saying “London City Police are investigating the hacking group with their associates.”

In Brazil, Lapsu is responsible for attacks on the Ministry of Health and the ConectSUS application and the Americanas SA organization that owns the Americanas.com, Submarino and Shoptime sites.

They are responsible for removing the websites of the Portuguese media group Imprenza, which includes the broadcaster SIC, the head of viewership on Portuguese Open Television, and the country’s most widely read newspaper, Expresso.