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UK denies samba school court over União Brasil incident

UK denies samba school court over União Brasil incident

Samba School Rhino Unido da Libertad decided not to rent the club’s court anymore to realize Governor Wilson Lima’s Unio Brazil (UP) “mega affiliation” scheduled for this Saturday. Director Evan de Oliveira told the column that most of the school’s 366 members had decided not to give up their seats because the event was party-political. But what’s really important is that Amazonino Mendes, when he was a buffer governor in 2018, released R $ 3 million to complete work on the site.

Look … By deciding not to disagree with the former governor, the festival committee alienated the current governor – both candidates before the government. To alleviate this, the United Kingdom said in an official statement, “Despite this situation, the school provides itself to the state government to carry out activities and events.
For the benefit of the people ”.

New location The new address of the “mega merger” is scheduled to start at 9 am, said Pauderney Avelino, UB’s regional head of the Aparecida court. The connections of the 40 mayors of the interior are expected in the legend.

Again? The Podemos party, which left Amazonino in 2021, could be an alternative to his candidacy. At Amazonas, Wilson Lima’s associate deputy, Abdala Froxe, commanded the summary. But on Tuesday, journalist Rosiene Carvalho from BandNewsFM reported directly that the party’s national leader, Renata Abreu, was in Manaus.

Sub-monitoring Without an elected office for four years, Alfredo Nacimento is looking for alternatives to avoid another term without an order. The head of PL at Amazonas, he used his influence with national leader Voltaire da Costa Neto to “community” the Wilson Lima-led ticket to try for a sub-vacancy. Accents are made by Brasilia, without the least intense movement, at least on Amazon.

MDB … Since the election of Marcos Rotta in 2014, the Amazonas party has had no representatives, and Councilor Amom Mandel and Federal Deputy Telecado Pablo have been in the MDB’s view of the dispute for the Chamber of Deputies.

… he did … Ammon was having fun with Unio Brazil (UB) when there was a possibility of a contraction in the hands of Amazonino. Pablo, who hails from PSL, stayed at UB after joining DEM, but without the command of the contraction in the state, it was left with Pauderney Avelino. In the passage, Pablo does not deny that he received the call. “There are so many accents, still in conversations,” he said.

… calls Ammon, on the other hand, said on social media earlier this week that at the “right moment”, everyone would know his political future. “For now, just speculation,” he released. The right moment must take place between the deadline from today to April 2, and candidates must be provided with a link by the party they wish to contest.