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Isolation is being introduced throughout France

In a televised address on Wednesday night, President Emmanuel Macron announced that the French government would extend restrictions in Paris for the second week in a row to control the Corona virus outbreak for the second week in a row. Macron had previously undergone controversial and urgent operations, with intensive care units almost full.

These measures will be in effect for at least four weeks.

The government recommends that everyone work from home, that night curfews still be in place from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The head of state also announced it Schools, kindergartens and nurseries will be closed for three weeks, distance education in the first week, and then spring break for two weeks.

Emmanuel Macron admitted in a televised speech that he had made a mistake in managing the epidemic. As previously announced, a series of contradictory and urgent measures have been taken: the vaccine is advancing more slowly, with half as many people being vaccinated so far as Hungary.

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