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Since the onset of the corona virus infection, one of the most important questions that has plagued researchers is: Can a person who has acquired immunity continue to be infected without another symptom? That is, if someone is vaccinated (so they are “artificially” immunized) but still infected, can it transmit the virus to others? Question Cardinal, because if the answer is yes, then in front of us in the fight against the virus, there is a very bumpy road.

Koper Komenesi, a virologist at Bex University, gave a fantastic report on the matter in his YouTube video on Wednesday.

One, a medrxiv.org Cited from an Israeli study published in a medical portal (this country has the highest vaccination rate in the world), which examined the impact of the vaccine on other groups in the community, especially young people aged 19-50. You may also ask the question: is Infection 19 to 50-year-olds if vaccinated. The answer seems to be yes!

That study shows

As vaccination rates increased among 19-50 year olds, so did the number of cases among 18 year olds.

But not just between them. The research, conducted by experts from January 16 to March 20, shows that the resulting increase in vaccine rates has led to a sharp drop in the number of new infections in all ages.

Koper Komenesi also mentioned another study he had previously posted: 2500-4000 samples of people, with a series of tests Studied From December 2020 to March this year the U.S. People were vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in. The goal was the same as in Israel: to detect the risk of asymptomatic infection. It was found that 14 days after the first vaccination, 80 percent of those vaccinated were protected from asymptomatic infections, and after the second dose, 90 percent of them received the same protection.

This is terribly good news, and we see the same thing in the Israeli data, which is why the epidemic is shrinking for them.

– The researcher said, the virus may be among us, but as much as one in ten as before.

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(Cover photo: Kopar Kemanesi. Photo: Tamas Saki / index)