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United Kingdom and Brazil announce new climate plans in Brazil – Journal Dia Dia

United Kingdom and Brazil announce new climate plans in Brazil – Journal Dia Dia

The United Kingdom has already invested more than R$3 billion in Brazil to protect climate and biodiversity and accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Photo: Stephanie_Al-Qaq/Disclosure

Brasilia, March 26, 2024 – The United Kingdom Embassy and three British ministries, together with the Brazilian National Bioeconomy Secretariat, announced this Tuesday morning (26) the establishment of eight new strategic partnerships in the area of ​​climate and environment.

Through International Climate Finance (ICF), the country has already invested £510 million (more than R$3 billion), making it one of the main financiers of the sector in Brazil.

This event celebrates one year UK-Brazil Partnership for Green and Inclusive GrowthIn 2023, when the then British Prime Minister James Wise visited Brazil, Idamaratti and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change launched a partnership.

Partnerships include knowledge sharing, political cooperation, support for sustainable development and energy transition projects, and support in the areas of science and business.

“The United Kingdom and Brazil agree that climate change exacerbates inequalities and environmental change brings great opportunities for economic growth, but it must be fair and equitable by reducing poverty. The United Kingdom is the first major economy to halve its emissions while growing its economy by 79%,” said the British Ambassador to Brazil. Stephanie Al-Khaq said.

The eight partnerships announced today, listed below, are part of UK PACT, one of the UK's implementation programs in Brazil:

  • Support Ministry of Finance In the construction of a new environmental change plan;
  • Support Ministry of Environment and Climate Change In framing the new Brazilian bioeconomy strategy;
  • Support Ministry of Rural Development And this Ministry of Finance In a review of the Safra project's sustainability criteria;
  • Support the Ministry of Finance in the construction of a new environmental transformation program;
  • Support Ministry of Science and Technology In setting up a green investment pipeline, considering its technical needs assessment study.
  • Support the box In Mobilizing Green Investments for Brazil;
  • Support BNDES In Mobilizing Green Investments for Brazil;
  • Support State of Minas Gerais in mobilizing green investments to implement its Climate Action Plan goals;
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In addition to these projects, the United Kingdom announced new financial and technical assistance commitments for FUNAI in managing indigenous lands, carbon markets for Acre and Mato Grosso states, technical assistance for LEAF and a new call for £3 million from UK PACT for proposals supporting decarbonisation and the use of hydrogen.

The United Kingdom is Brazil's second largest partner in scientific cooperation, demonstrating once again its willingness to develop solutions and resources to mitigate the effects of climate change in Brazil.

“We want a partnership based on mutual respect that promotes our national priorities. Less than a year into the partnership, we are already delivering concrete results and we want to do more,” highlighted the British ambassador.

COP-COP Dialogue The United Kingdom shares with Brazil the experience and lessons learned from hosting COP26 in 2021 and intends to continue cooperation in preparation for COP30.

Also, in partnership with the Climate and Society Institute (ICS), the British government will support Brazilian civil society to prepare for the event through international dialogues.

More information on UK support for Brazil in the climate area:


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