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“I’m Not Okay” TV News

“I’m Not Okay” TV News

Lucas Sousa appeared for the first time after leaving the program A Fazenda 15. This Thursday (23), Jojo Tudinho’s ex-boyfriend explained why he left the reality show and thanked his fans for their love. “This is not the time when I’m ready to talk, but I know I’ll get better,” he said.

Through a video clip he posted on Instagram, the former soldier said that he is still unable to understand everything that happens outside the confinement program. He left the headquarters on Wednesday afternoon (22).

“Just stopping to say that everything is as good as it can be,” he began, “I haven’t had a chance to pick up my cell phone yet, but I have comments that there are people here with me.”

I hope you understand that I made this decision for my mental health. I want to thank the troops who are here with me for support, and also thank Record for all the support, and all the care they provide with me.

“I want to come and talk to you and tell you some things. This is not the time when I’m ready to talk, but I know I’ll get better and recover. The first thing I’ll do is talk to you,” he promised.

Lucas abandons reality

Lucas Souza could not handle the pressure after his fight with Cesar Black at A Fazenda 15 and left the reality show Record. The former soldier entered into a crisis after he was accused of using his relationship with Jojo Tudinho to gain fame and money. Jacqueline started crying hard when she received the news.

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Tension began to dominate the headquarters after the pedestrians suddenly disappeared. Before he disappeared, he participated in Sponsor Dynamics, but refused the VT recording and was recalled by production.

Jacqueline, Souza’s friend, became desperate and started crying. Marcia Fu tried to reassure her Games ally and mentioned that he had just been talking to the show’s psychologist. The former volleyball player said: “May God help this psychiatrist and touch his heart and help him.”

Jojo Todynho’s ex-boyfriend’s withdrawal was announced over the room’s big screen and took everyone by surprise. A shocked Jacqueline read the statement as she cried.

“Pawn Lucas has officially withdrawn from the competition, and for this reason, he is out of the game, and the feud continues normally for all of you. Pack Lucas’ bags and put them in the closet immediately,” he informed the production.