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4 common sayings you’ve always heard, but you’re probably saying wrong

4 common sayings you’ve always heard, but you’re probably saying wrong

You Sayings They are popular expressions passed down through generations. Over time, many “adaptations” may appear along the way. This happens because it only takes one group of people misunderstanding a proverbial phrase to lead to several other versions. See some common sayings you’ve probably already said mistake.

In addition to errors that may arise over the years, the way words are pronounced and the structure of sentences may change, causing such changes.

It is also necessary to consider factors such as regionalism, dialects and influences from other languages, which can contribute to these differences, creating different versions of the same saying. Some of them are very funny and make no sense at all. But they are still talked about there.

Sayings that everyone makes mistakes

There are some sayings that cause more confusion and thus have changed over time. Among the most horrific things said:

1. “They spat and they spat on”: The correct one is “carved in Carrara”. The phonetic similarity between “custido” and “esculvido” can lead to interchangeability, while “escarrado” and “carrara” are far apart, but still fall into confusion. The Carrara region of Italy is famous for its white marble, a noble material used to create extremely beautiful sculptures. The expression indicates perfection and care.

two. “They are the bones of commerce”: The correct saying is: “They are the greatness of trade.” An exchange occurs between “bones” and “laziness” and raises some humor, depending on the degree of familiarity between people. a to express Correct means that difficulties and challenges are part of the job routine.

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3. “The color of a donkey if it runs away”: Have you heard this error before? Well, know that the truth is: “I run like a donkey when it runs away.” correct! It refers to the speed of a fleeing donkey, comparing it to the speed or agility of someone in an urgent situation.

4. “When a baby potato is born, it spreads across the ground.” There is another saying that confuses people. Hey right It is: “When a little potato is born, it spreads its branches on the ground.” The “shoot” is the aerial part of the potato, consisting of leaves and stems. The expression describes how a potato, as it grows, expands its branches across the ground, taking up space and developing.

And you? Have you ever made a mistake in any of the above sayings? If so, remember to always look for the real asset so you don’t make a mistake or embarrass yourself.