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The band launches its 2024 program during a packed event

The band launches its 2024 program during a packed event

Entertainment, sports and journalism are the foundations of the new programming. See details

The Triângulo band launched the station’s new programming for 2024 this Tuesday (22), at an event held at the Celebration Festas & Eventos hall in the center of Uberlândia. The launch event brought together agency, media and marketing representatives from Uberlândia’s main companies and was brilliantly moderated by presenters Victor Abigaria and Caroline Guzzo.

The General Director of the Band Triângulo, Alessandra Valladares, opened the event by thanking everyone for coming, and spoke about the growth of the station in recent years in Uberlândia and the region. She received great praise and appreciation, because in fact, since taking charge of the station, she has given a new dynamism in recruitment, increasing the value of Silver House has managed to maintain an excellent relationship with the authorities, viewers and colleagues, something that had never happened before in a broadcaster, except under the management of the late Ricardo Augusto Cunha Soares.

When presenting the news and presenting the figures that showed the growth in Uberlandia and the broadcast area headed by Johnny Saad, Fabricio Sanginito, commercial and marketing director of the Triangolo squad, explained that from January to April, the Brazilian B League remains in the new schedule. , from April to December.

“Now for those who love speed, Band is introducing Formula Truck, Stock Car and Formula 1 to its programmes.”

Sanginito continued and said, “Masterchef, which has had a large number of fans since its launch, is still present on the Band’s screen. In 2024, the 11th edition for amateurs and the 6th edition for professionals will arrive. Also in the press, the Band gives everything and the broadcaster guarantees that it will continue like this in Next year”.

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About Band Folia 2024, Fabricio said that the broadcaster has already chosen the presenters who will take on the special project. Four presenters have been confirmed in the band’s studio that will be set up again on the carnival circuit in El Salvador: Zika Camargo, Pamela Luciola, Betinho and Joe Guimarães.

The quartet will be broadcast daily, from February 9 to 13, broadcasting on the radio directly from the capital of Bahia. The timetable is still under study.

For coverage of Rio de Janeiro Carnival, at the moment, we only include Glenda Kozlowski. She will be performing for schools in the Ouro Carioca series next year.

The live broadcast in the city is scheduled to begin at 1 a.m., on February 9 and 10. In the 2024 edition, there will be 16 schools that will be exhibiting at the Marquis de Sapucai.

Engine heating

Band is also determining details regarding the broadcast of the Formula-E 2024 championship, which features electric cars and is considered the most sustainable motorsport championship in the world.

Mass celebration on Tuesday night (21) with guests from Band Triângulo. Photo: @hugomatosfotografo

The open TV channel will provide space to broadcast 9 matches of next year’s tournament, starting on January 13, at the Circuit de Mexico. The final event will be held on July 21 in the United Kingdom.

Victor Albagaria and Caroline Guzzo were very professional and relaxed in presenting the event. Photo: @hugomatosfotografo
Alessandra Valladares, General Manager of Band Triângulo who gave new energy and a new outlook to Johnny Saad Station. Photo: @hugomatosfotografo
Fabricio Sanginetto, Commercial and Marketing Director of Band Triângulo, showed the station’s growth figures and introduced the new programmes. Photo: @hugomatosfotografo