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Icaro and Gilmar embark on their first US tour – Entertainment

Icaro and Gilmar embark on their first US tour – Entertainment

Six cities will be included in the duo's shows, which will take place between March 22 and 31

Credits: Marcel Bianchi

With each passing day, Ikaru and Gilmar show their strength more in resounding numbers. Spotify alone has 3.5 million monthly listeners and over a billion views on YouTube. The result of this powerhouse could not be different: the duo heads to the United States on their first international tour, March 22-31, passing through Revere-MA, Bridgeport-CT, Philadelphia-PA and Newark-NJ. Pompano Beach, Florida and San Francisco, California.

The set of performances will contain hit songs from the duo such as “Nunca Leave de Sonhar”, “Não Me Esquecerás”, “Saudade Louca”, “Se Ame Primeiro”, “Despedida”, “Logo Logo” and many others. , such as in addition to hit songs of the same genre, such as “Erro Gostoso”.

“We are so excited, it's a dream come true. I always wanted to sing in the US, but I never imagined it would be possible. All of this shows that our hard work is paying off. I just want to thank all our fans and the people who support us. Wait “We will have a lot of news for you this year,” Icaro said.

“It's literally a dream come true. I'm sure these six days of shows will be very special, both for the Brazilians who live there and can never be close, and for the North Americans who will get to know us a little. Let's give it our all,” Gilmard adds. “What we have and enjoy.”

At the beginning of April (04), Ícaro & Gilmar released the third volume of the project recorded in Goiânia in May 2023, entitled “Não Foii de Sonhar”. The EP features three new tracks, “Trocando Defeitos,” “Descarta,” and “Solto no Goiás.”

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