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LATAM aircraft will enjoy Paramount+ entertainment

LATAM aircraft will enjoy Paramount+ entertainment

Hey Paramount+Paramount, the global streaming service, today announced a partnership with LATAM Airlines Group to launch the Paramount+-branded channel on more than 300 aircraft in 148 destinations in 25 countries. The partnership will provide special curation of Paramount+ content for LATAM customers through a dedicated section within the in-flight entertainment system.

aura, the original Paramount+ series based on the popular Xbox franchise, will get a special spot on LATAM flights. Not only will Paramount+ take over the welcome screens, but passengers will also be able to watch the entire first season of the series, in preparation for the highly anticipated second season.

Photo: LATAM/Paramount+

In addition to HALO, customers will be able to enjoy a variety of Paramount+ content and select episodes from major franchises such as: Yellowstoneand Paramount+ originals such as, Tulsa King, 1923, Operation Lioness, In addition to children’s favorites such as, Camp Coral – SpongeBob’s Early Years! And little angels.

Following this achievement, LATAM becomes the only airline in South America to include Paramount+ content in its in-flight service. This allows passengers to choose from over 70 episodes of series exclusive to the streaming service.

Paramount+’s partnership with LATAM is the latest in a series of agreements with major international carriers, including Qantas in Australia, British Airways in the UK and Deutsche Bahn in Germany.

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