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“I was so nervous, it was scary”;  Patricia Ramos reported that she was photographed and followed by a man in the United States

“I was so nervous, it was scary”; Patricia Ramos reported that she was photographed and followed by a man in the United States


The broadcaster reported the strange situation in a series of Instagram stories

Patricia Ramos reported a strange situation during a trip to the USA – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram by Patricia Ramos

Patricia reports on the tense situation in the USA

Patricia Ramos He said he passed by Strange case at the end of this week. during Traveling in the United StatesThe presenter was filmed and chased by a man.

She stated on her Instagram account that she was in a clothing store when he approached her: “I picked up a coat from the table and a man approached and said it was his coat. I apologized and walked out.” I started.

Find out about Patricia Ramos’ situation with her ex-husband – Reproduction/Splash

“After about five minutes, he came up behind me saying he would give me the coat as a gift. I said I didn’t need it, but he insisted. I didn’t see any evil at that time.” complete.

Then Patricia said that after a while the boy came to her again and photographed her: “I was so nervous. It was so scary, I was shocked. I felt completely invaded and unable to do anything.

The broadcaster left for the United States of America after arguing with the ex-husband

Last week, the broadcaster filed a protective suit against her ex-husband Diogo VittorioThis happened after he revealed that he had been subjected to some attacks by the businessman.

Patricia travels in the US – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram by Patricia Ramos

“I’m following your messages. You have no idea how much this means to me. I feel embraced, cherished, loved and supported in some way.

“It’s a very sensitive moment, it’s very sensitive. I can’t say much right now, but I feel very loved.” Patricia said about the situation.

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