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Helps!  I lost my Caixa Tem password: what do I do now?

Helps! I lost my Caixa Tem password: what do I do now?

Hey box has It is the application created by Caixa Econômica Federal, responsible for the payment of various government benefits, in addition to providing loans and other banking services. Therefore, to access the tool, you must have a login and password, created during the first access.

Currently, thousands of Brazilians use this resource to manage their social savings. To access the platform and its features, simply enter your CPF number and pre-registered password.

But what do you do if the user forgets the term or expression he used? Fortunately, the application offers the possibility to perform the recovery directly on your system, without having to go to a physical branch in person. Today, we'll teach you how to do it step by step!

How to recover your Caixa Tem password easily

To perform the recovery process password To be successful, first of all, the citizen must have access to the phone or email that was registered during the first access to the application. Therefore, it is always important to use really valid data when creating the account. Let's see how to proceed:

  • Access Caixa Tem and log in;
  • He chooses “I forgot my password“;
  • Enter your CPF number, then click “I'm not a robot“And then”Complete“;
  • You will receive instructions to your registered email;
  • Access the link you received in the email, and that's it, just re-create your 6-digit password.

However, this procedure becomes a bit more complicated when a person is not able to view their email or phone number registered in the database of this tool. Box. If this happens, it is necessary to enter new data and wait up to one business day for the system to verify and issue everything. paying off:

  1. Access the app on the login screen, enter your CPF number, then tap “the next“;
  2. In the next window, go to “Restore password“;
  3. Enter your CPF number again and click “Complete“;
  4. On the next screen select “I cannot recognize this data“;
  5. Follow the steps to restore your access;
  6. You will receive an email and SMS, and you must also send a photo of the original document (RG or CNH) and a photo of yourself holding the said documents;
  7. Then wait for the analysis, which may take up to one business day;
  8. At the end of the process, you will receive a new email containing a link to confirm your access and modify your password.
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