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Cars that have only one example registered in 2024

Cars that have only one example registered in 2024

Learn about the following cars for which only one model has been registered in Brazil in 2024:

Honda NSX Image: Disclosure

Hey Honda NSX It was a sports car that had been dynamically modified on Senna’s advice. The Brazilian was racing for McLaren at the time, a team that used the Japanese manufacturer’s engines. Like some others on this list, the model came as a used import, being over 30 years old already, in keeping with the rules.

Chevrolet National Classics also attracts attention to the “white flies” list of cars, e.g Caravan, Chevy 500, Monza And even the latest Prisma and Vectra GT. Among those older model imports are the Bel Air, 1503 and El Camino, as well as the Dually (dual rear-wheel) pickup truck and the Suburban SUV. For some reason, these vehicles are only now being registered. Is it possible that someone has just been discovered, without a license plate, in a dusty garage?

Ford Belina
Ford Belina Image: Disclosure

Ford was not far behind, relying on A Bellina and the F-100 On the list is a collection that also includes the classic Jeep CJ-5 (the 4X4 SUV is produced by the brand in North America), the Fleetline, the Model A Standard Phaeton, the Taunus, the Falcon and the Roadster. Among the car collection is the Lincoln Town Car, a luxury sedan made famous here as one of Silvio Santos’ cars.

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