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Learn how to make extra income flexibly

Learn how to make extra income flexibly

Hey Nubank It has a series of investment options for its clients, some of which are in exclusive formats created by the digital bank itself. A good example of this is Small boxesa tool for saving money in a more organized way that provides a higher return on savings.

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The user can name these funds according to the specific purpose of that money, such as “car repair,” “family travel,” or “emergency fund,” for example. Moreover, it is possible to put a picture on each of them to make them easier to identify.

This option is ideal for those who want to divide their money according to goals and still get a return equal to 100% of the CDI (Interbank Certificate of Deposit). Learn how to use the resource to achieve your goals.

Advantages of Nubank cashiers

In addition to the trust of Nubank, today the largest digital bank in Brazil, the resources remaining in Caixinhas are also guaranteed by the FGC (Credit Guarantee Fund). In the event of bankruptcy of the financial institution, the return of funds is guaranteed up to a maximum of R$250,000 per CPF.

Another great advantage is the possibility of increasing your profitability. In the standard configuration, the return is 100% of CDI, which is very close to Selic. Liquidity can be instant, daily or planned depending on the type chosen.

All mini-funds have pre-determined investments according to the client's goal and profile, i.e. the money saved does not remain idle. It is possible to choose between Daily RDB, Instant RDB and Planned RDB, depending on each person's deadlines and goals.

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Program funds

Caixinhas software functionality allows the client to create financial goals, run simulations to see how long it will take to achieve that goal and schedule recurring deposits. To better understand how it works, simply run a simulation in one of the following ways:

  • Specific goal: If you already have a specific goal, enter the amount you want to save per month and the simulator will show you exactly when the goal will be reached.
  • There is no specific goal: enter the amount you will save each month and see how much you will save in a year.

Anyone can use the simulator, regardless of whether they choose automatic scheduling in Little Boxes or not. The information shown does not take into account the return on investment options available at Nubank.