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How to counter climate denial with science

How to counter climate denial with science

The largest per capita emitters in 2022 were Qatar (37.6 tons), the United Arab Emirates (25.8 tons), and Bahrain (25.7 tons).

In terms of overall numbers, the largest emitters are China, the United States and India, in that order

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI), in 2019, countries with the highest per capita emissions were those with relatively small populations and high-emitting industries or countries where emissions are more concentrated in land-use changes, such as land conversion In order to cultivate.

“Although India is among the largest emitters, when population is taken into account for analysis of per capita greenhouse gas emissions, the densely populated country ranks much lower compared to the top ten emitters. This group of countries combined represents More than two-thirds of the World Resources Institute report states that “the world cannot succeed in combating climate change without significant action by the 10 largest emitters.”

For example, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Turkmenistan, and the United Arab Emirates have populations of less than 10 million, but have emissions-intensive industries such as oil and gasoline production, refined petroleum products, petrochemicals, and fertilizers.

According to climate scientist Marengo, Guyana (13.13 million tons, 4.4 tons per capita), Suriname (7.85 million tons, 5.8 tons per capita) and Botswana (29.8 million tons, 2.8 tons per capita) also have less than 10 million people. But it has high levels of emissions from deforestation and forest fires.