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Hide your online status and protect your privacy

Hide your online status and protect your privacy

Hey WhatsApp It explores new frontiers by testing features that could revolutionize the way we interact with an app.

One of these new features includes a feature that lets users see which is which Contacts You have recently been online or are currently active.

New WhatsApp update: What are the changes?

The tool is still in the testing phase, and has proven useful for those who want to maintain tighter control over their in-app interactions.

According to information received from WaBetainfoThe functionality is tested in a specific section of the application, facilitating quick and direct access.

Imagine being able to check, in real time, whether that important contact has seen your message or is available to chat.

This transparency could be a game-changer in the way we conduct our digital conversations.

Will the new tool change the dynamics of the application?

The new feature not only allows you to check who is online, but also suggests contacts to start a conversation conversation.

This can be especially useful for reactivating old conversations or keeping communications flowing with important people.

Privacy remains a priority

Despite the news, WhatsApp continues its commitment to offering strong privacy options.

Users who prefer not to reveal their online status can easily adjust their privacy settings, choosing who can see if they are online or when they last accessed the app.

1. Click on the “three dots” icon in the corner of the screen;

2. Access “Settings” then “Privacy”;

3. Select “Last seen and online”;

4. Adjust who can see your status according to your preferences.

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When will the new functionality be available?

Although it is still in the testing phase, it is expected that this new tool will be integrated in upcoming updates to to requestbased on feedback from beta users and evaluating its functionality and impact on the overall user experience.

The inclusion of this tool indicates a growing trend of applications seeking to offer not only means of communication, but also functionality that provides more effective control and management of our online presence.

Reminder: All Privacy settings It can be customized to meet each user’s needs, protecting their privacy while taking advantage of new features.