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Hastily operated on, Mamma Bruschetta does not have an exit leaflet.  Television news

Hastily operated on, Mamma Bruschetta does not have an exit leaflet. Television news

Mama’s Bruschetta Show improvement Monday night (26) After he underwent hastily operated surgery in Sao Paulo on Sunday (25). The information is from Vila Nova Star Hospital, where the presenter is hospitalized and underwent the procedure. Even with the positive news, she still didn’t expect to be discharged from the hospital.

The trend is that Mama will stay in the hospital for the new year in order to fully recover her health. The hospital communications office stated that she was clear and not sedated during postoperative treatment. Other clinical care performed is not detailed.

The 73-year-old presenter suffered perforation of the intestine due to an umbilical hernia and was taken to hospital on Friday (23), and underwent a new operation two days later. The second procedure resulted in tearing of the sutures and bleeding.

Mama Bruschetta ended up in the hospital After suffering severe stomach pain. In the health center, the artist discovered an intestinal perforation caused by an umbilical hernia. Due to her hospitalization, the actress spent Christmas Eve alone and could only answer calls from people close to her.

On Sunday afternoon, the Melhor da Tarde presenter, by Band, returned to the emergency room to treat a hemorrhage.

Read the full note:

“the Mama Bruschetta was admitted to Vila Nova Star Hospital with a strangulated umbilical hernia. She underwent surgery for a correction, which was uneventful.

On the second day after surgery, a new approach was necessary due to the presence of a hematoma on the abdominal wall. Today [segunda], in good general condition, clear and receiving medical attention. There are still no expectations of a discharge from the hospital.”