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Simaria Effect: In a leaked audio clip, the businessman duo reveals who hate each other

Simaria Effect: In a leaked audio clip, the businessman duo reveals who hate each other

The turbulent relationship between sisters Simon and Simaria, with evidence in recent days, has given rise to talk, especially in the countryside. In a WhatsApp group that brings together powerful businessmen, the topic took on other dimensions after an audio recording sent by Paolo Terre, a concert entrepreneur from Bahia, who revealed, indignantly, that there are other country couples who hate each other, but achieve their goals. Work contracts without disclosing differences. The content was revealed by columnist Leo Dias, of the Metrópoles website.

In the audio, Tear mentions names like Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano and Bruno & Marrone, and says they can’t stand each other. He also argues that Simaria, for his departure from obligations, should not receive payments for presentations, which Simone still makes.

“If I’m mayor, I deduct a value. I have nothing to do with their quarrel. Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano hate each other, but have fulfilled all their contracts by singing together. Bruno and Maron hate each other, but sing together, you know? These dogs no, they don’t like Nobody. Now, don’t come and sing with your paycheck upstairs. Sorry! Cachê 400,000 R$, 200 R$ a cost, a bill, a band, a shopping cart… That’s it. That band comes complete. From another 200 R$, There is 100 reais for every “black girl”. Give me 100 reais for this person, no, no, he will stay here. You won’t sing. Or will you stay at home and still receive the cache? Paulo Terre said in the audio recording.

Remember the case of Simone and Simaria

Cimaría announced last Thursday (16) that he will be removed indefinitely from the stage. The singer claimed that she needs to continue taking care of her health and revealed that her sister will be fulfilling her concert schedule on her own.

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“My love, singing is what I love the most, but at the moment I need to stay away from the stage to take care of my health. I am sure we will meet again soon, I will be the second voice for my sister, Simone, in my absence. We will meet again soon,” the statement read. For the office responsible for managing the Qatari duo’s journey. According to the memo, the removal was a medical directive.

In recent months, she and Simone have had some disagreements in public, and recently, they had a turmoil on stage, after Simaria postponed a show. The singer said that despite her wonderful experience with her sister, she sometimes felt scolded. In an interview with columnist Leo Dias, she recalls when an audio of a discussion between the two at Programa do Ratinho (SBT) was leaked on the web. “She was my cry for help.” (with Folhapress)