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“Goodbye, information exploded at the base”;  The Flamingo farewells “suddenly” and last-minute warmth reaches the nation

“Goodbye, information exploded at the base”; The Flamingo farewells “suddenly” and last-minute warmth reaches the nation


He seems to be very well liked for the respectable work he does at Mais Querido

Photo: Official Flickr CR Flamengo / Gilvan de Souza – Rodolfo Landim

The potatoes continue to bake Flamingomainly with decisions — not decision making — that were applied behind the scenes in Javea. President Rodolfo Landim occupies the highest position in the CRF today and ends up being one of the key figures in this pressure cooker.

This Saturday (25), One of the updates surprised Flamengo fans, mainly because it was someone dear to him because of the respectable work he was doing at Mais Querido. Coach Eduardo Zuma, in charge of the 2006 and 2007 generation, said goodbye, information exploded at the base and he was no longer part of the club.

through Instagram, The multi-champion leader in the basic classes and responsible for honing Mengão’s great talents came to the audience to deliver a statement on Ninho do Urubu’s farewell: “Today is a see you later day. I finished my first time in Flamengo and with a great feeling, the intensity and atmosphere here was unique,” ​​he wrote.

Should Eduardo Zuma stay at Flamengo?

Should Eduardo Zuma stay at Flamengo?

857 people voted

“Grateful to all the people who make everything happen at the club, you are so good that you give the impression to those who see us from the outside that it is easy. When in fact, deep in the context, it is you who, by opening so many things on a daily basis, end up command to make all of this possible.” Zuma added in another part of the farewell.

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Flamengo fans take the opportunity to comment on the issue on social networks and consider that the fouls have been committed at all levels of the team. The part of the Red Blacks Eduardo Zuma had a promising name The coach was considered by some to be “the best coach on the base”.

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