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FN performance: Daniel Borges is the worst in the field Botafogo 0 x 1 Flamengo. Marcel and Tuquino are indebted

Lucas Perry: 7.0
It wasn’t his fault on goal and he made good defences

Daniel Burgess: 1.0
forgettable performance. He failed to hit the goal poorly at first, wasted other shots in defense and was poor in attack

Joel Carly: 3.0
He had the usual claw, but lacked agility on some plays, such as in goal. thrown out at the bank

Luis Segovia: 6.0.1
Good game, despite some concerns. Firm in defense and aware of the ball

Maral: 4.0
He plundered too much, exaggerated in crossings from afar and in complaints, and ended up being expelled

TCHÊ Tech: 6.5
I played a good game. He scored well, hid the ball and started playing

Patrick DePaola: 5.5
The performance was reasonable, focusing on the dangerous kick, until he was injured

GABRIEL PIRES: 6.0.1 Update
Technical quality that is sometimes confused with overconfidence. It lacks more intensity

Lucas Bizon: 4.5
Discreet, he didn’t produce on offense and didn’t follow up on plays

Victor SA: 5.0
Some good escapes, but not much else. You need to produce more

Tequenho Soares: 3.0
He disappeared in attack, missed a good opportunity, was dominated by the defenders and ended up being kicked out

Lucas Fernandez: 5.5
He gave more dynamics to the medium. But a good opportunity was missed

Victor Cuesta: 6.0.0
He entered and was assertive, maintaining his good form

Carlos Alberto: 6.0
He gave the job the right and created some bids. Disallowed goal scored

Mateus born: 5.5
He experimented with moves, took risks and almost equalized in the end

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LUS CASTRO: 5.0.0 Update
worrying. Your team cannot assert itself on the field, it is heavy and has few offensive alternatives. In addition, it was lost due to lack of control