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Go on faith: Clara catches Kate and Theo in the bedroom

Go on faith: Clara catches Kate and Theo in the bedroom

On Friday, June 9, on “Vai na Fé”, from 7 p.m., on Globo, dinner at Theo’s house will be very strange (Emilio Dantas).

All because he would threaten Kate (Clara Monique) when the staff is in the room. But Clara (Regian Alves) is very clever, goes into the room and captures him and Kate, who is completely disfigured and frightened.

Find out what else is happening this Friday class

Rafa is worried about Kate’s condition. Jana tells her story to Sol and Ben. Jennifer is upset when Theo says he wants to get to know his church. Rafa portrays Jennifer and Eduardo together. Clara holds on to Kate and Theo. Rafa finds Kate’s nervousness strange. Clara argues with Theo. Jennifer comforts Kate. Theo spends the night with Lumiere. Helena criticizes Clara for defending Theo. Rafa hands Jennifer the photos he took at the dinner. Ivy decides to leave the band. Theo talks to a lawyer about his separation. Lucas calls Wilma. Jennifer goes to Eduardo’s class at church. Clara discovers that Kate was Theo’s mistress. Bruna reveals to Clara that Theo abused Sol.

Next chapter

Saturday 10 June

Bruna discovers Clara is in an abusive relationship with Theo. Jennifer talks about Hugo with Eduardo. Clara demands that Kate stay away from Rafa. Bruna comforts Kate. Rafa asks to visit Kate. Wilma invites Erica to take part in the project. Kate speaks to Rafa. Jennifer sees a confused Rafa on the street and takes him home. Theo argues with Ben and manipulates Plumiere. Sol and Jennifer take Rafa home and talk to Clara. Rafa suffers because of Kate. Clara orders Theo to leave the house.

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