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Priest Valadao orders a drink “in that place” after a homophobic stance

Priest Valadao orders a drink “in that place” after a homophobic stance

In response to Pastor Andrei Valadao’s post, Pastor Perlova, also a digital influencer, posted a series of images on his social network denouncing his “colleague’s” homophobic act in an “unusual” way.

In the final photo, he wrote: “And that’s me, sending Valadao, his father, his sister, and his entire church to go take their homophobia away.”

The carousel accompanied the caption “And may the grace of our Lord Jesus free all #lgbtqiap brothers who still allow themselves to be persecuted by these temples of Satan.”

This week, Valadão made a homophobic post on Instagram, saying “God abhors pride,” referring to the LGBTQIA+ movement.

The post also revealed the service of the church that Valadão is a part of in Orlando, US.

The priest posted on the social network and broadcast a video on YouTube with speeches against “pride”.

photo: reproduction/Instagram/@lagoinhaorlandochurch/ reproduction/Instagram/@lagoinhaorlandochurch

Joao Paulo, better known as Pastor Berlova, has been working at the Igreja Garagem since 2018, and he founded it himself. The church has physical facilities in Mogi das Cruzes, Rio de Janeiro and Campinas.

In his autobiography, the priest presents himself as a counterpoint to Valadao. “If you are looking for a regular sponsor […] Using evangelical language, leave here and follow Valadão,” he says.


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