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Globo hasn’t bought it all, but it still has exclusivity for the 2026 Cup – Prisma

Globo hasn’t bought it all, but it still has exclusivity for the 2026 Cup – Prisma

Rafael Vega, Weverton and Rooney defended the selection in the loss to Morocco

Globo, renouncing exclusivity, has already secured the rights to broadcast the 2026 FIFA World Cup, the first in history with the participation of 48 teams that will be held in three countries on the same continent: the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Close, but with distances and characteristics that will certainly require, as before, in Qatar, a very special operation.

And also as something that will inevitably increase your costs.

These are questions that, along with the proven lack of interest that the Brazilian national team is beginning to awaken, at least so far, have not interested any other major television network.

As of today, it is worth repeating that there is no movement in this direction. Only Globo is guaranteed.

It was a situation that had been unimaginable for a long time.

Roberto Cabrini’s “Câmera Record” shows the dangers of illegal crossing into the United States
Disclosure/TV recording


In this Sunday’s “Câmera Record”, Roberto Cabrini investigates the illegal transit of people into the United States. How do you survive the harsh conditions of days in the desert? The journalist embarks on a journey fraught with dangers, where the only certainty is the starting point.

Cabrini comes face to face with one of Mexico’s most feared and respected figures (the conductor of the orchestra) and documents, in detail, the path taken by tens of thousands of people risking their lives.


Football Saturday on Atalaia TV, from Aracaju, starting at 4 p.m.

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Lagarto and Confianca feud over the first two matches, which will decide Sergipe’s championship title.


Record’s communications and visual construction staff are fully involved in working on the reality show “A Grande Conquista,” which is confirmed to be previewed on May 2nd.

This includes, of course, the direct participation of presenter Mariana Rios.

Gave the brakes

Paola Oliveira, in rest mode, did not give an exact or complete time, but she minimized her exposure on social networks.

The number of publishers and shares has decreased.

Bruna Griffaut, actress and singer, co-star of “BBB”

Really cool

Actress and singer Bruna Griffaue continues to be involved with the ‘BBB’. The last wall escaped.

But as soon as he leaves there, even with an interest in his career, he will have to resort to the services of a speech therapist. Every day it becomes more difficult to understand what you are saying. And quickly.

Serious talk

Many jokingly ask, but it is not: even today, the SBT still has not settled down after Chavez’s departure.

It’s been almost three years and the products that have to make up the range, always leave a lot to be desired.


Due to the absolute lack of anything to get on the air, the telenovela “Chiquititas” has been scheduled to premiere again.

The fourth in a very short period of time, just 10 years, without thinking about the first from 1997 to 2001. Too much, would you agree? While maintaining the pedigree, it is still a kind of “Chaves” alternative.

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profile account

Gloria Perez, in “Terra e Paixão”, by Walcyr Carrasco, near Globo at 9 p.m., will be Irene, an ambitious woman who always puts her interests above everything else.

Married to Antonio, Tony Ramos, her stepson, Kayo, played by Kawa Remon, is her main antagonist.


“Travessia” is heading towards its final chapters, and the telenovela has, by force of circumstance, narrowed its scope down to just a few characters. Or just above the core turned into a master.

It is sad to see, for example, people in Vanessa Giácomo’s height placed as a simple extra.

old discussion

Observing what happens in “Travessia,” the age-old discussion about how many actors are necessary and necessary for a telenovela to return.

Of course, this varies from case to case, but some make a mistake, and make a huge mistake, in wanting to work with larger numbers than history allows.

Milton Neves in Sunday Spectacular


Milton Neves will be the highlight of “70 Years of Record” tomorrow on “Domingo Espetacular.”

Part of the work done by journalist Michael Keeler on his home, Milton, has been completed at the Football Museum, with photographs that have helped shape his career and the programs he has presented in the nearly eight years he has been at the home.

Galvao channel

Advice from those who love him: Galvão Bueno, is more than just a name – he’s totally Carlos Eduardo dos Santos Galvão Bueno, and he’s become a trademark. Every advertiser knows how much trouble it takes to instill a brand and make it stick. Get into people’s heads.

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Well then: who doesn’t know Galvao Bueno? So why “Canal GB”?

knock knock

• Enzo de Sá will be in the new season of “Reis”, in the records, as Malon, the petty officer.

• Naruna Costa, who made “Todas as Flores” on Globo, is recording a new album with the Clarianas group.

• “I met a fake love” is the theme for Saturday of the “School of Love”, 12 hours, with a presentation by Cristian and Renato Cardoso …

• … In addition to addressing the issue, tips will also be given on how to overcome heartbreak.

• TV Cultura program, today, on “#Provoca”, presented by Marcelo Tass, one of the best programs on its network …

• … most noteworthy is his production quality and production effort to always be the most interesting of the guests.

• New “Boleragem”, replacing “Bem, Amigos!” , premieres next Monday on SporTV…

• … double driving, Roger Flores and Caio Ribeiro …

• … In addition to the two, Marcelo Adnet and Magno Navarro with the humor panel “Fica Triste Não”.