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Fiuk e Gil se reencontraram antes dele partir para os EUA. (Foto: Instagram)

Gil do Vigor says goodbye to Fiuk before moving on to pursue his Ph.D. in the United States

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Gilles de Vigor is in final preparations and counts the hours of the flight to California, in the United States, where he will study his long-awaited Ph.D. in economics. But, before boarding the plane, the economist took some time to meet the “Big Brother Brasil 21” friend. Tonight, say goodbye to Vyuk.

“I’m here with my love. Go [me visitar], a promise. Gil said. “You’ll leave me. I swear. Woe to you if you leave me. We’ll pick you up in L.A., I’m serious!” replied Phyke!

In the interview, Fiuk asked if the economist was showing off his nails or a wedding ring in the video. “We have a ‘Gyok’ roll. I saw another gossip that I’m jealous of. What is this gossip?” the musician joked, referring to the relationship his friend from the reality show is in.

Earlier, the former BBB said he was preparing to move to another country. “Today is a holiday, but I have to pack my bags because I will live in another country,” he said.

Jill said that his mother had everything ready, and that she even needed to buy another bag. Last week, Ms Jacira Santana told her fans that she took her passport to travel with Gilberto Nogueira. The economist’s mother placed her passport in her hand and warned that she would not leave the former BBB21 participant alone in the challenge outside Brazil.

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“Guys, look what I just got. My passport. Do you think the person will stay there without me? Oh dear, I’m going okay!? Oh, I’m perfectly organised. Now I’ll get a visa, and soon: USA.”


Gilles de Vigor left for Davis, California, on August 28. The former participant in “BBB 21” said that the course takes four to six years. However, he believes he will spend six years studying due to the degree of difficulty in his analytical field.

“I will stay there for four to six years, [nas] I think there will be six because the part I teach is the fight that only Jesus knows. It’s part of quantitative methods that lasts a little longer, the economist said.

He said he plans to study full time in the United States, but will stay on Saturdays to continue his work as a poster boy to continue benefiting from his image. Even in the United States, Jill would continue to paint “Tá Lascado” during “Mais Você,” remotely.

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