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After winning the Leader’s Challenge, Aline reveals her candidacy for BBB 23 Paredão


Sister commented with her allies on her next move

Play / Rede Globo
Play / Rede Globo

Allen was the biggest test leader winner on Friday (31), after many hours of resistance. Being at a disadvantage in numbers along with her group, the sister is already imagining Paredão’s possibilities for this Sunday (31).

After showering, eating and relaxing, the sister exchanges an idea with her allies Amanda and Larissa about who will be nominated for this week’s leader, Baridao Berlinda, who will be training on Sunday (02).

Play / Rede Globo

The sisters have pointed to Marvella or Sarah Allen as possible nominations. “I guess Marvella and Sara wouldn’t get along with the things Domitilla does, you know? They won’t pressAmanda said.

Larissa soon states that she is able to vote out Domitilla. At the time, the singer revealed her vote, saying she would nominate Domitilla directly into the spotlight next week. It should be noted that Domitila is the record holder for Paredões in this edition, the return of all.

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